Monday, June 3, 2013

May 21 letter from mom and reply from Ryan

Hey Fam,
That's awful news! I've been trying to follow the news here as best as I can. Sounds like an awful tornado. Heard that a couple states have gotten into the gay rights movement. Our country is really going downhill. The Second Coming is close, I can feel it. We all need to stay as worthy as we can and prepare for the time that the Lord will come back and return to the Earth to bring Celestial Glory to those who are worthy of it. I have learned so much while being here. Jesus the Christ is my favorite book, I can't stop putting it down. It's starting to affect the time I put into learning grammar for Spanish. I love my Lord and am so glad to be serving him. I know that he will admonish many blessings unto you and me as I spread his word to the people of Bolivia that are humble enough to accept his teachings.
I love hearing about Brads basketball, he's such a stud. I hope his leg gets better and he continues to succeed. Everyone around here knows his name and that he's truly my best friend. I miss him alot.
Spencer. Spencer. Spencer. It's strange to think that by the time I will get home Emily will be and driving...guess I'll have to really step it up as a big brother when I get back. Keep her away from boys. She's gonna be gorgeous.
Thats incredible. You should send me a video of it. Andrew is a stud. He'll be one of the best baseball players our family has, I know he'll be better than me for sure.
Natalie is a level 3 already? wow! There is a new elder here now named Elder Grover that did gymnastics for 14 years, he was gonna go do it in college but I think I heard him say he decided not to anymore.
 Laura...June 1st. That's a big day for her. I'll be sure to mark it down on my calender so that she will know that I am thinking about her. Proud of her... John 3:5
Twins/Mark/Tyler....sounds like they are growing up quick. Hurts my heart to not see them in these stages of their life. Love those boys.
I hope you (mom) and Dad are doing good. I'm sure the move is stressful. Pray to the Lord for help, he truly does hear your prayers. I know that you guys are following his will. You guys are great examples to me right now.
I heard about that! I hope I get to train him, that would be fun. I'm going to send you guys some more pictures of the things I've been up to out here. One of them is a picture of 4 ties I have bought. I'm not going to wear them because 3 of them are for Dad, Brad, and Andrew. They can decide which they want. They're pretty cool. Handmade by a member out here in Peru.
It's sad to hear about sister Monson passing away last week. Remember to keep President Monson in your prayers. He is a great man and I'm sure the passing of his wife has been hard for him. He is leading us by inspiration and revelation every day. I know that to be true.
Love and Miss you guys,
Elder Neuhaus
Ether 12:6

Dear Ryan, how are you? We love you and think of you often. We hope you have fully recovered from your sickness I'm sorry you had to have that happen. It sounds like you are really enjoying your mission, good to hear.
Yesterday in Oklahoma City there was a terrible tornado. It was 2 miles wide and on the ground for 40 minutes. It hit two elementary schools and 91 people are dead. Very sad.
Brad is working hard in basketball he did great in the last tournament but in the last game he did get his leg injured again, not as bad this time though.
Emily is still pretty upset that we are moving back to Tennessee. I think a boy named Spencer is part of the issue :)
Andrew just memorize the entire document of the living Christ I videoed it maybe we can send you the video he did a great job.  He is definitely the superstar on the baseball team, not a good team.
Natalie finished her last gymnastics session she is now a level III gymnast she will be excited to start again in Tennessee.
Laura is still just a sweet and happy girl she is looking forward to her baptism June 1.
The twins are finishing up preschool and learning how to read they also love to just have fun.
Mark is still the same little crazy self and Tyler is everywhere he is a speedy little crawler.
I have been busy getting everything packed and ready to go, it's a big job.
So proud of you and the service you are giving.
Oh and the big news of the week, do you remember Remington Lohmeyer from church?  He is going to be serving in the Bolivia Santa Cruz Mission,can you believe that!  He reports to the Peru MTC in October so maybe by the time you get to Bolivia you can train him. Anyway I think it's neat that someone else from Brentwood Tennessee will be serving with you in Bolivia!
Have a great week, work hard, and know  that we love you!
Love Always,

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