Monday, July 15, 2013

July 8, 2013 letter

Dear Family,
Quick update about the guys from back home at BYU. JAKE JARMAN IS GOING TO THE RUSSIA NOVOSIBIRSK MISSION!!! 
Another week finished in the misión field! Wow it went by fast. Today we are having a zone activity at a restaurant and playing volleyball afterwards. It`ll be the best food I’ve had in a while ha.
This week we have had two joven con fecha. (I’m starting to forget words in english so sorry if some of this  is in spanish today…ask dad to translate!) But when we went to pick them up only one of them was at their house. So we decided to give the kid 14 bolivianos to take a moto and find his brother and then meet us up at church. The kid didn’t show up for sacrament with his brother….Stole our Money! And we’re poor! Luckily a member in the Ward knew him and his brother and was able to go track him down for the last two hours of church. But we never found his brother so we have to wait another week before we can baptize him. ¡Pucha! (My new favorite spanish Word ha.) We also had another joven at church with us this past Sunday, Pedro, this guy is super smart, loves to think so we have to ask him lots of really good questions when we teach him. Its a challenge for me in spanish but i’m enjoying it. Learning the language is fun.
Had two service projects this week. Built a fence for the president of our branch and moved tons of bricks, dirt, and other stuff for a family in our area. Service is good cause we get to wear p-day clothes and always get chocolate afterwards ha.
We had intercambios this week! (splits) I went to Mamorè with Elder Limon. He is from Santa Cruz, he’s on a temporary misión here til he gets his visa for Venezuela. It was really good to see how other people teach, and he gave me the opportunity to teach the lessons and take the lead. It was awesome! I was able to communicate completely with the people andhave a great lesson with everyone we taught. I really felt accomplished afterwards and I can see the improvement I’m having every day. Oh! And when I was with Elder Limon I got to hold a Parrot! It was awesome. Oh, and I ate cow intestine with Elder Limon. Woo-hoo. It actually wasn’t that bad but still, cow intestine. Nasty.
It was weird spending Independence Day here in Bolivia. I remember last year at this time I was heading off to Spain with Dad. I’m grateful for those memories I have. On Independence Day I was able to offer my very first blessing in Spanish. It was incredible! The Spirit was crazy strong. It was a blessing for the sick and afflcted to a very old lady who is probably super closet o death. During the blessing she was shaking and talking/mumbling and I felt the impression to tell her to “be still and know that God loves you” and she literally stopped shaking and talking/mumbling. I’m so grateful for the Priesthood that I hold. I know that I can work miracles through the power of the Lord.
We were with a member this week and we had just finished teaching a family when I asked him how his misión was for him. He said that as a missionary we are literally angels. I truly believe that. We live our lives on such a higher level than the world and our thoughts and actions are so different than those around us. We walk 15-20 miles a day easy and never feel fatigue. Our bodies are filled with the strength and power of God. I know that what I am doing will affect so many peoples lives. I am grateful that I am worthy and knew the góspel when I was younger so that I now have the opportunity to serve so many people here in Bolivia.
Yesterday after church we Heard the songs “bulletproof” in spanish and “Love You Like a Love Song” in English. Talk about freaking trunky afterwards! Me and Elder Spitale were singing songs the rest of the night! Ha.
Love hearing from you guys every week. My birthday is soon! Woo-hoo! Only one more after this and I’ll be heading home. 19 years old. Wow. Ha.
Love and Miss You,
Elder Neuhaus
p.s.- I've enjoyed the opportunity to write Brad each week, I'm sure he's struggling with the move, I'm sure all the kids are in their own little ways. But just make sure they are reading the scriptures and going to youth activities. All will come together and everyone will be happy. Only through Jesus Christ can we feel true happiness. No matter how many great and spectacular things we have in this world. That's why only the meek will inherit the kingdom of God. The meek and humble understand this concept. I'm grateful to be surrounded by so many meek and humble people right now. Never forget how blessed we are as a family. Serve others.

On Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 6:58 PM, <> wrote:
Elder Neuhaus,

Sorry we did not get letters off to you last week.  We were moving back from Utah and trying to find a spot for everything in the house in TN.  It has been a huge mess.  The kids have all jumped in and been great helpers.  We had so much stuff in Utah and brought it all to Tennessee.  We are definately in a transition state.  

Brad has appreciated your letters.  He is having a very tough time with coming back to TN.  He could really use some positive words of encouragement from you.  He has a great opportunity to play basketball at Ravenwood and really shine and be an example to the kids there.  I think it scares him.  There are tons of new kids in the ward.  Brad doesn't seem to want to give anyone the time of day though.  

On a brighter note.  I spoke to Remington today and he is way excited to hear about Bolivia.  He is not going to enter the MTC until October.  Tough wait for him.  He says he was called to the Bolivia Santa Cruz Mission.  He hasn't heard which one he will go to.  He is going to the Peru MTC.  You should send him a couple pictures and share some crazy stories with him to get him excited.  His email address is

So our big excitement this week is buying a little farm.  We should close on it Friday.  The kids are excited to get some chickens.  I think we will also get a cow or two, sheep, bees, maybe a goat and the girls are begging for a horse.  We will send some pictures next week.  I am not quite sure what we are undertaking but it will be a new adventure.  

Mark is a big kid now, using the potty.  He is almost potty trained.  Still needs some consistency but he is very proud of himself.  

We see the missionaries in the ward now and think of you.  You are doing a great work.  It is fun to gather the kids together and read you letters.  We are sending a birthday package to the mission home address that was included in your call for packages.  Maybe you will get it in August.  So glad to hear you are busy and seeing people get baptized.  It was 4 or 5 months in spain for me before I had anyone I was teaching get baptized.  It is fun to see how your testimony is growing through your letters.  You are doing the Lord's work!  We love you Ryan.

D&C84:19-22   I taught Emily's Sunday school class today and we had a good discussion about the priesthood and the importance of ordinances and covenants.  The priesthood you hold comes from your Heavenly Father and through it all things are possible.  Have a great week!


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July 15 letter to/from Mom

Sounds like life is good. That's always good to hear while I'm i don't know, 20,000 miles away from home? haha. I hope you get the horse you've dreamed of, I can't wait to see the barn when I get back! I'm excited to work on it too, working outside is always good hard work. I know they can't get enough of it. They'll always remember that place as the best place ever. It's good that they had a great experience there. They can use it as a guide for there children when they are older. Andrew is gonna play golf huh? His baseball team in Utah must really have been bad. Make sure he doesn't mess up his swing! He's got a ton of potential for baseball! And every other sport, that kid is a natural athlete. I'm glad Brad will start. I have a feeling he is gonna tear up TN. It's nothing like Utah. Just make sure he keeps his head straight and is confident, not cocky. A dry mormon family huh? Glad to hear you guys are doing some missionary work. Work hard with them, it's not easy to commit someone to reading the scriptures or attending church on sunday! People have agency! I'm learning that it's not a fun concept, but necessary for us to grow and progress in this life. I feel bad for the little girls, I hope they grow close this upcoming years. They can learn to rely on each other because when they get older it won't be any easier. I hear you post some of my pictures, I'm glad to hear people are interested in how things are going! I love you Mom, I miss you! I can't wait to see you again! Make sure you're wearing that blue ralph Lauren dress we bought together when I get back. I'm working out every morning. Goals are good to have, they push us to new levels and help us accomplish things that we never thought were possible. Love and rely in the Lord. :)
Elder Neuhaus

On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 2:23 AM, Matthew Neuhaus <> wrote:
Dear Elder Neuhaus,
It has been another very full week for the family.  We are still unpacking and organizing.  We will be for a while.  But it's all good!  The Stanley's have arrived, he is going to work with Dad and she is going to be the teacher.  It should be interesting.  I will send you some pictures.  Hopefully we will have the barn fixed up by the time you get home.  We are excited to get some animals out there.  Maybe I will get the horse I have always dreamed of.  

So we got the kids back, they helped us unload, washed all their clothes, set up their rooms and Brad, Emily and Andrew flew back to Utah.  They just can't get enough of that place.  Brad will then fly on to FIJI!  He is really looking forward to it,

I think the high school transition will be a big change for both of them.  Keep them in your prayers.  Andrew is going to have a big change too,  Middle school is a rough place.  Andrew has decided he wants to try out for the golf team, I hope he makes it.  He learned a lot from Gina Higbee in Utah,  

Emily is going to run cross country,  Dad really hit it off with the coach, they are our missionary family to work with.  They are expecting their fifth baby and dad said they are dry mormons.  

Brad should start on the basketball team, they are not very good. We sure do miss a team like Lone Peak and a coach like Lewis,  I hope he tries out for the baseball team too,

Natalie and Laura are trying to adjust to not having the Hunt girls across the street, but at least they have each other.

The four little guys all get along great and have fun together.  They talk about you all the time,.  

We are so proud of you!  You look so happy in the pictures.  I post some of them and so many people are interested in what you are doing,  Thanks for being such a fine son!

We llove you!

Have a great week,

Love Always,

July 15 kids letters to/from Ryan

Dear Laura, 
I miss you too! Yeah I saw some cool tucans and parrots! My companions name is Elder Spitale, I hope the kids feel better soon!
Love you Laura!
Elder Neuhaus

On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 6:18 PM, Matthew Neuhaus <> wrote:
Dear Elder Neuhaus,
I miss you so much.Is there any
thing new.we just got back from Church,
we just stayed for Sacrament today.Some kids are sick.
I hope your having a good time.  What's your
commpanyons name? Did you see any cool animals this week?

Love Laura

 Dear Nathan,
Church is like our church back home! Except no air conditioning, benches, or white people that can speak english. Thanks for the birthday wish! The money looks similiar, I'll bring some home with me when I come back so you guys can see it!
Love you!
Elder Neuhaus

On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 6:08 PM, Matthew Neuhaus <> wrote:
Dear Elder Neuhaus,
What  is your church like?  Happy early birthday! What dose the money look like?
Love, Nathan

 Dear Natalie,
I miss you too, I'm sorry you are sick! :( I love the mission! But it's going by fast! I eat bad food all the time, my stomache hurts alot. But it's okay! I'm not here to worry about my stomache, only about others!
Elder Neuhaus

On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 6:23 PM, Matthew Neuhaus <> wrote:
Dear Ryan,
I miss you so much. I am sick and I was sick yesterday too. Are you liking the mission?  I love you. Have you ate any bad food?

 Dear Markers,
For the most part the food was normal! But it's all gross here, not like the food you get back home. You're lucky! Eat lots of fruit! It's good for you buddy :)
Love you,
Elder Neuhaus

On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 2:27 AM, Matthew Neuhaus <> wrote:
Dear Ryan
 I love you. Did you eat any thing grose this week. I miss  you.


July 15 letter from Ryan

Dear Family,
Seems like everyday that is passing by now is a blur. I can remember the first day I walked into the CCM. 3 am in the morning with a bunch of random kids from the United States that knew about as much as I did. Nothing. And now, 12 weeks later I have taught over 130 lessons in Spanish and have baptized one person and am trying as hard as I can every day to bring as many people to Christ as possible. It’s crazy to think that the mission is only 104 weeks. It’s going to fly by quick. I’m realizing the urgency of teaching the people with the spirit as much as I can everyday because we have transfers this week and I don’t know if I will be able to stay here or leave on Thursday. Right now we have two teenagers scheduled for a baptism this weekend. I want to stay here and baptize them so bad! But I know that whatever happens I’m where the Lord needs me to be.
                This past week we got to meet our new President, President Zambrano, he is a complete opposite of our old President. This man is one of the nicest and most caring men I have ever met. He has such a Christ-like view of this mission and he and his wife desire to get to know each and every one of the missionaries here in the mission. He is from Peru, and has two children. One of which is kind of mentally slow so he’s asked us to be gentle with our words and actions with him. But from what I know of his son he’s a super chill dude! During my interview with the President I asked him what the investigators need most to feel the spirit during the lessons. Because I desire more than anything for my investigators to feel the spirit during the lessons because I know that only through the spirit can they become truly converted. Sure, we can be great with our words and be awesome teachers so they understand all of the principles but we’re never going to convert them to the gospel without the Spirit in their heart. President told me that when he was with Elder Holland (yeah, Elder Holland. Super Jealous) he told him that 50% of all the investigators say that they felt the spirit for the first time when they look into the eyes of a missionary bearing their testimony and can see the light of Christ. I hope that every investigator I testify to can see the Light of Christ in my eyes.
                When the President was here last week the assistants pretty much preached to us about how we needed to improve our area. In the past two years Guayaramerin has only baptized 38 people. The amount of people that our still active after these past two years is 7, 3 of which were baptized this past month. My area has only had 2 baptisms in those past two years. Mine, and a youth named Ezekial last year. We’re fasting every week and praying harder than ever before for people who are humble enough to change their lives to follow their savior. What we really need more than anything are men who can hold the Priesthood. We only have 12 men with the Priesthood in our branch. 18 in all of Guayaramerin. We need to suffer, and plead to our Father in Heaven each and every day for men who can live worthily to hold the authority to use the power of God. Here the big problems are adultery, law of chastity, and the word of wisdom. We only have about 40 members in our branch right now and about half are children, the rest women.
                This past week on P-day we went to a restaurant and played volleyball and saw a ton of parrots and tucans! Then after I had to go get a haircut because my hair was starting to touch the tops of my ears and I needed a trim. So imagine this, you’re in the process of learning Spanish and really most of what you know has to deal with the gospel, futbol, or everyday life. But not how to cut your hair right? So I decided to trust my companion and I described to him how I usually cut my hair so he could tell the brasillero. BAD IDEA. My companion told the brasillero, a good missionary haircut, short, “cortita”. Pucha! I thought “cortita” was a type of hairstyle here or something, when the guy started to cut my hair it was super short! Turns out “cortita” is just short. Gracias a mi companion I know have super short hair. Woo-hoo! Oh well, at least it will grow back. But never again will I trust in my companion ha.
                Today I get to buy a hammock because we just found out we can use hammocks instead of a bed. How freaking cool is that!? Pucha, I’m loving the jungle, but these upcoming months are gonna be rough. It’s gonna get super hot super quick. Agosto-Deciembre son mucho calor. Hopefully I’ll live to write you every week haha.
               About the postcards, I've gotten a few but not many. I think It's probably because the mail here takes forever. I haven't gotten the package yet either. Hopefully I will get it soon. I can't believe I'll be 19 next Wednesday! Only one more birthday after than and I'll be coming home! Wow! Sounds like a normal summer for the family, always busy. I'm sure everyone is having a blast. Can't believe Brad is going to Fiji! I'm jealous, make sure he knows to take lots of pictures! Yeah the farm is gonna be alot of work. But it'll be worth it in the end. We have service out in the fields here, imagine cutting grass with a grateful you guys have lawnmowers! The people here work so hard every day and make nothing. We're truely blessed to be American. Can't believe you hired another doctor!? How many is that, 5??? You'll be reeling in alot of money quick! Never forget to thank the Lord for all the blessings we have. Without him we have nothing!
             Have you guys heard about this Eduardo guy in Bolivia? Supposedly He's causing alot of trouble with the United States and has alot of secret information? Bolivia put out an internacional accusation that the U.S. is spying on Bolivia. Doesn't sound to good for us American missionaries. We're kinda worried about it! Let me know if you hear anything about it!
Love and Miss you Guys, Stay Close to the Lord.
Elder Neuhaus

On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 4:10 AM, <> wrote:
Elder Neuhaus,

So glad to hear you are doing well.  Everyone loves your letters.  I am glad to hear you are having so much success so quickly.  I was wondering how big the city is you are in?  How many wards/branches are there?  How many missionaries are in the city?  How big is the zone?  How many baptisms are in the mission each month?  Have you met your new president yet?  Where is he from?  Have you gotten any post cards from me?  I have sent 5-6.  I figured I would not send them if you don't get them.  Let me know.

Life is still crazy here.  Andrew and Emily left yesterday to go to Utah-Emily at time out for girsl and Andrew for scout camp, a week of fun and Jimmer camp.  Brad left today.  He will stay with Gabe for the next week then be off to Fiji for HEFY.  He returns August 8 at midnight and has to start school the next day.  He will be tired!

Life is busy for me at the office too.  We hired a new doctor-Dr. Hasler.  He starts tomorrow.  We have a couple new employees starting this week too.

We are hoping to wrap up the purchase of the farm this week.  It has been one problem after another getting this to work out.  I do feel it is the right thing for us.  Hopefully we will be able to get it fixed up pretty good before you get back.  It is a big project that will take some time.  It should be really fun once it gets going though.

We look forward to monday because we know we get a letter from you.  You are such a great example for the other kids.  They pray for you every time there is a prayer.  Love you lots.  We mailed a birthday package to the mission home this weekend.  I can't believe you will be 19 this month!

Love ya!  Keep working hard and being obedient!


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July 8, 2013 Kids letters to/from Ryan

Andrew, I have a baptism next week! Yep I'm changing alot I know, but it's only for the better. I'm still your bro! Love you man! The weather is super hot, always ha. Just imagine every day outside in 100 degree weather in jeans and a t-shirt ha. Thats every day for me.
Miss you too.
Elder Neuhaus

On Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 8:55 PM, Matthew Neuhaus <> wrote:
Dear Ryan sorry I haven't sent you a letter yet. But I know by all your other letters you are changing alot which is good also you are growing in the gospel.What is the weather like?

Do you have another baptisim coming up? I hope to hear from you your bro Andrew. I miss you.


Thanks Laura! I can't wait for my birthday! 19 years old! I hope I get to read them some day! 
Miss you and love you!
Elder Neuhaus

On Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 4:10 PM, <> wrote:
Dear Ryan,
Happy early b-day.  At Church we learned about missonarys  and we  wrote
notes to missonarys and some  people  wrote notes to you.
I love and  miss you

Love Laura
To Ryan


Oh I'm holding on super tight nathan! No worries! I hope you are too! I love and miss you too! Lots of chicken and rice! Yep, cow intestine and chicken feet! Yuck! I will send you a picture of my house next week! I miss you too Nathan, no worries, know that Christ is with me :) I love you!
Elder Neuhaus

On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 12:04 AM, <> wrote:

I hope you are holding onto the iron rod.  I love you and I miss you.  What do you eat in Bolivia?  Do you eat anything gross?  Can you send me a picture of your house?  When we were at Utah I missed you so much that when I was at fish park I was so sad I sat on a bench and Anna came up and asked why I wasn't playing and I told her it was because I missed my brother.  I told her it was my brother Ryan.  I miss you so much.  Hold onto the iron rod.




I am glad you are doing good! Wow hard work! I've seen thousands of people and talked to hundreds. Everyone needs to hear the gospel! Tell all of your friends about it Natalie! I miss you too, I'll be home soon! Time will fly by!
Love you,
Elder Neuhaus

On Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 8:55 PM, <> wrote:
Dear Ryan,
How are you.I am good we are not bad.We have been unpacking all week. Now how many people have you seen. I miss you so much. I wish you were here.


I miss you too! Woo-hoo! Such a big boy!
Love you too,
Elder Neuhaus

On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 12:06 AM, <> wrote:

I miss you.  I do poop in the potty.  I am a big boy now.  I love you.


Preston, yep we hear fireworks all the time! Especially on sundays, thats when the people here like to have parties.
I love you too,
Elder Neuhaus

On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 12:01 AM, <> wrote:

What are you learning on your mission?  This week was the 4th of July and we watched fireworks at dads friends house in the governor's club.  Do you have fireworks in Bolivia?  I hope you are teaching lots of people.  In primary today we learned about missionaries.

I love you.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

June 24 Letter from Ryan

Dear Family,
Well this week has been pretty good! I was sick Monday after P-day, ate some bad Picole. Picole is like a popsicle! It was copa sur flavored, not the best flavor ever. On Thursday after lunch I had a really bad stomache ache. Think I ate something under-cooked. But i feel great now! And the rest of the week was good! This Saturday we have our first baptism, Paul Guarena. He’s  an 11 yr old kid we have been working on for a while now, his family is inactive but we have gotten them to come to church alot recently. I’m excited to have my first baptism.
                The language is getting easier and easier as the weeks go by. Last night we had a broadcast for all the missionaries around the world, it was cool to hear that there are 70,000 active missionaries right now and 40,000 with their papers in. That’s 120,000 missionaries. Wow. I’m proud to be one of them! It was hard to understand completely what was said last night because it was all in Spanish but I could feel the spirit and understood what they were trying to convey to us. Work with the members and follow the guidance of the Spirit. This week I definitely fell asleep in two lessons because my brain just shut down because of how tired I was and how hard i was trying to understand the language, it was funny. Thank goodness the man we were teaching understood and there was no problem. I’m studying as much as I can with the language, it’s difficult but I know that the more and more work I put in the more and more stronger I will become in conveying the spirit through my words. That’s all I desire right now, to convey the spirit so strongly that no one can say no to the góspel. It will take time but it’s gonna happen. I’m determined!
                Guayaramerin is pretty amazing, it rained every day the past week. And when I say rain I don’t just mean like a rain back in the U.S. it really pours down here. Hard. It’s pretty dang cool, and fun to be running through the streets while it’s pouring down rain on you. The sunsets here are gorgeous, I could sit back and watch them day after day. With the jungle tree-line and the colors of red and orange I’ve never been more star-struck by the sky.
                There are rumours going around right now that Bolivia might be entering into a war with Chile over some territory of land. I don’t know how valid it is but if it’s true we’d all be sent home. I really hope it isn’t true, I just started the work here and I can just feel the blessings of working hard everyday pouring into my life. I’m loving every minute of this misión. It’s hard, but it’s the best thing I think I’ve ever done.
                I’ve only got three more weeks with my companion! It’s crazy to think I’ll have my first transfer so soon. I love Elder Spitale, he is the coolest guy ever. I’m really gonna miss that dude. Never been able to joke around with someone and be so spiritually in tune at the same time. It’s pretty great being a missionary.
Well I miss you guys and hope you are doing great. I love you and love hearing from you each week. Keep following the Savior. I know you will be blessed!
Elder Neuhaus

July 1 Letter from Ryan

Dear Family,
This past week has been full of fun and funny stories. On Saturday we had our first baptism here in Guayaramerin, Beni in six months! Elder Spitale and I successfully broke the drought! Woo-hoo! We’re  working hard each and everyday and fighting through the difficulties we have with our investigators.
Willy- Willy is currently our investigator closest to baptism right now. He has atended church with us for three weeks and knows that the church and book of mormon are true. The only problema he has is that he is addicted to alcohol. Elder Spitale created  a plan of acción for him but so far he hasn’t been following it this week. 4 out of the seven days we passed his house he was drunk, the other three he wasn’t home. Hopefully we can conquer this problema and solve this issue and get him baptized before transfers in two weeks when Elder Spitale probably leaves!
Hmna Nena y su esposo – Hmna Nena is the sister of WIlly, she also has a testimony of the góspel and its truthfulness but we are having a hard time getting her to attend church with us. We just started teaching her husband this week and he seems really interested, hopefully with her husband being involved it will push her to come to church as we can teach her that the góspel blesses families.
RIght now those are our two closest investigators to baptism. Alot of people here struggle with the problema of living together with the opposite sex and not getting married because it is expensive. Oh, and so many people believe crazy things. Yesterday Elder Spitale and I were contacting and we met a man who was reading a book and we asked him for a minute of time. He agreed and I started to tell him about our message and the joy it can bring us in this life and in the next life as well. He cut me off and said its okay I know your message, but I already have a church. We asked him if he wanted to learn more or if we could just share a short message about Christ with him. I don’t know what happened in his mind but he decided it was his turn to teach us. He told us that the first church of Christ was the Catholic church and that it was founded by Christ. Okay…wrong…and then he told us that he wasn’t Catholic, but has joined a different church that was founded by some lady 25 years ago and that she is a prophetess. He then told us that anyone can start  a church because we all have the light of christ in us. This guy was crazy, it was hilarious. I’ve met tons of people like him here. Some of our contacts are in a church that believe in a prophet with two heads….the stories are just too good.
On Sunday during church a Little kid had to pee so he told his mom right? Well the Mom decided to be lazy and not get up to take him to the bathroom and just pulled his pants down right in front of everyone. The Little kid walked outside to the front door of the church and just started peeing. I’ve never laughed harder in the middle of a church meeting. I couldn’t hold it in, it was just too funny. The people here are super lazy, but they all have good hearts.
On Friday night we atended a baptism for a different area in Guayaramerin. Elder Spitale thought it would be funny for me to direct the music. It was awful. It was during that awkward period of time when the people are changing clothes and we have to sing like 4 songs in a row while waiting for them to get back. I don’t know how to direct music or how to start the songs in spanish because they have different meoldies and when the people sing them they sound like dogs are dying. Well anyhow, while I was directing I got super embarrassed and started sweating like crazy, my face got super red and I just looked flat out stupid. Elder Spitale was dying laughing. I think I sweated more in that room during those 4 songs than I have during my whole misión here in Bolivia. It was awful haha.
Oh and our misión was just extended!!! We have a part of Peru in our misión now! RIGHT NEXT TO CUSCO!!!! WE GET SOME COLD AREAS!!! Haha woohoo! Got a new President too, some of the elders here are being moved to the south mission but me and my comp get to stay. It's been good here. I'm excited to meet our new President. Those guys are so powerful. I hope Dad and Mom have the opportunity to be a Mission President like Uncle Lyle. Such a cool job.And you bring so many people to Christ! Ahhh the mission is just too good.
Didn't get to here from you guys this week. But I hope you all are doing good. I miss you guys and keep you in my prayers. I'm sure you all are busy with all of the moving. I love you! Stay strong in the gospel! Know that I'm working hard and my Spanish is increasing every day! I'm acting as the older companion for today and tomorrow, just a little practice to take things to the next level for me. Remember that all things are possible through Christ! 
Love you and miss you,
Elder Neuhaus
Luke 1:37