Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 1 Letter from Ryan

Dear Family,
This past week has been full of fun and funny stories. On Saturday we had our first baptism here in Guayaramerin, Beni in six months! Elder Spitale and I successfully broke the drought! Woo-hoo! We’re  working hard each and everyday and fighting through the difficulties we have with our investigators.
Willy- Willy is currently our investigator closest to baptism right now. He has atended church with us for three weeks and knows that the church and book of mormon are true. The only problema he has is that he is addicted to alcohol. Elder Spitale created  a plan of acción for him but so far he hasn’t been following it this week. 4 out of the seven days we passed his house he was drunk, the other three he wasn’t home. Hopefully we can conquer this problema and solve this issue and get him baptized before transfers in two weeks when Elder Spitale probably leaves!
Hmna Nena y su esposo – Hmna Nena is the sister of WIlly, she also has a testimony of the góspel and its truthfulness but we are having a hard time getting her to attend church with us. We just started teaching her husband this week and he seems really interested, hopefully with her husband being involved it will push her to come to church as we can teach her that the góspel blesses families.
RIght now those are our two closest investigators to baptism. Alot of people here struggle with the problema of living together with the opposite sex and not getting married because it is expensive. Oh, and so many people believe crazy things. Yesterday Elder Spitale and I were contacting and we met a man who was reading a book and we asked him for a minute of time. He agreed and I started to tell him about our message and the joy it can bring us in this life and in the next life as well. He cut me off and said its okay I know your message, but I already have a church. We asked him if he wanted to learn more or if we could just share a short message about Christ with him. I don’t know what happened in his mind but he decided it was his turn to teach us. He told us that the first church of Christ was the Catholic church and that it was founded by Christ. Okay…wrong…and then he told us that he wasn’t Catholic, but has joined a different church that was founded by some lady 25 years ago and that she is a prophetess. He then told us that anyone can start  a church because we all have the light of christ in us. This guy was crazy, it was hilarious. I’ve met tons of people like him here. Some of our contacts are in a church that believe in a prophet with two heads….the stories are just too good.
On Sunday during church a Little kid had to pee so he told his mom right? Well the Mom decided to be lazy and not get up to take him to the bathroom and just pulled his pants down right in front of everyone. The Little kid walked outside to the front door of the church and just started peeing. I’ve never laughed harder in the middle of a church meeting. I couldn’t hold it in, it was just too funny. The people here are super lazy, but they all have good hearts.
On Friday night we atended a baptism for a different area in Guayaramerin. Elder Spitale thought it would be funny for me to direct the music. It was awful. It was during that awkward period of time when the people are changing clothes and we have to sing like 4 songs in a row while waiting for them to get back. I don’t know how to direct music or how to start the songs in spanish because they have different meoldies and when the people sing them they sound like dogs are dying. Well anyhow, while I was directing I got super embarrassed and started sweating like crazy, my face got super red and I just looked flat out stupid. Elder Spitale was dying laughing. I think I sweated more in that room during those 4 songs than I have during my whole misión here in Bolivia. It was awful haha.
Oh and our misión was just extended!!! We have a part of Peru in our misión now! RIGHT NEXT TO CUSCO!!!! WE GET SOME COLD AREAS!!! Haha woohoo! Got a new President too, some of the elders here are being moved to the south mission but me and my comp get to stay. It's been good here. I'm excited to meet our new President. Those guys are so powerful. I hope Dad and Mom have the opportunity to be a Mission President like Uncle Lyle. Such a cool job.And you bring so many people to Christ! Ahhh the mission is just too good.
Didn't get to here from you guys this week. But I hope you all are doing good. I miss you guys and keep you in my prayers. I'm sure you all are busy with all of the moving. I love you! Stay strong in the gospel! Know that I'm working hard and my Spanish is increasing every day! I'm acting as the older companion for today and tomorrow, just a little practice to take things to the next level for me. Remember that all things are possible through Christ! 
Love you and miss you,
Elder Neuhaus
Luke 1:37

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