Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15 letter from Ryan

Dear Family,
Seems like everyday that is passing by now is a blur. I can remember the first day I walked into the CCM. 3 am in the morning with a bunch of random kids from the United States that knew about as much as I did. Nothing. And now, 12 weeks later I have taught over 130 lessons in Spanish and have baptized one person and am trying as hard as I can every day to bring as many people to Christ as possible. It’s crazy to think that the mission is only 104 weeks. It’s going to fly by quick. I’m realizing the urgency of teaching the people with the spirit as much as I can everyday because we have transfers this week and I don’t know if I will be able to stay here or leave on Thursday. Right now we have two teenagers scheduled for a baptism this weekend. I want to stay here and baptize them so bad! But I know that whatever happens I’m where the Lord needs me to be.
                This past week we got to meet our new President, President Zambrano, he is a complete opposite of our old President. This man is one of the nicest and most caring men I have ever met. He has such a Christ-like view of this mission and he and his wife desire to get to know each and every one of the missionaries here in the mission. He is from Peru, and has two children. One of which is kind of mentally slow so he’s asked us to be gentle with our words and actions with him. But from what I know of his son he’s a super chill dude! During my interview with the President I asked him what the investigators need most to feel the spirit during the lessons. Because I desire more than anything for my investigators to feel the spirit during the lessons because I know that only through the spirit can they become truly converted. Sure, we can be great with our words and be awesome teachers so they understand all of the principles but we’re never going to convert them to the gospel without the Spirit in their heart. President told me that when he was with Elder Holland (yeah, Elder Holland. Super Jealous) he told him that 50% of all the investigators say that they felt the spirit for the first time when they look into the eyes of a missionary bearing their testimony and can see the light of Christ. I hope that every investigator I testify to can see the Light of Christ in my eyes.
                When the President was here last week the assistants pretty much preached to us about how we needed to improve our area. In the past two years Guayaramerin has only baptized 38 people. The amount of people that our still active after these past two years is 7, 3 of which were baptized this past month. My area has only had 2 baptisms in those past two years. Mine, and a youth named Ezekial last year. We’re fasting every week and praying harder than ever before for people who are humble enough to change their lives to follow their savior. What we really need more than anything are men who can hold the Priesthood. We only have 12 men with the Priesthood in our branch. 18 in all of Guayaramerin. We need to suffer, and plead to our Father in Heaven each and every day for men who can live worthily to hold the authority to use the power of God. Here the big problems are adultery, law of chastity, and the word of wisdom. We only have about 40 members in our branch right now and about half are children, the rest women.
                This past week on P-day we went to a restaurant and played volleyball and saw a ton of parrots and tucans! Then after I had to go get a haircut because my hair was starting to touch the tops of my ears and I needed a trim. So imagine this, you’re in the process of learning Spanish and really most of what you know has to deal with the gospel, futbol, or everyday life. But not how to cut your hair right? So I decided to trust my companion and I described to him how I usually cut my hair so he could tell the brasillero. BAD IDEA. My companion told the brasillero, a good missionary haircut, short, “cortita”. Pucha! I thought “cortita” was a type of hairstyle here or something, when the guy started to cut my hair it was super short! Turns out “cortita” is just short. Gracias a mi companion I know have super short hair. Woo-hoo! Oh well, at least it will grow back. But never again will I trust in my companion ha.
                Today I get to buy a hammock because we just found out we can use hammocks instead of a bed. How freaking cool is that!? Pucha, I’m loving the jungle, but these upcoming months are gonna be rough. It’s gonna get super hot super quick. Agosto-Deciembre son mucho calor. Hopefully I’ll live to write you every week haha.
               About the postcards, I've gotten a few but not many. I think It's probably because the mail here takes forever. I haven't gotten the package yet either. Hopefully I will get it soon. I can't believe I'll be 19 next Wednesday! Only one more birthday after than and I'll be coming home! Wow! Sounds like a normal summer for the family, always busy. I'm sure everyone is having a blast. Can't believe Brad is going to Fiji! I'm jealous, make sure he knows to take lots of pictures! Yeah the farm is gonna be alot of work. But it'll be worth it in the end. We have service out in the fields here, imagine cutting grass with a grateful you guys have lawnmowers! The people here work so hard every day and make nothing. We're truely blessed to be American. Can't believe you hired another doctor!? How many is that, 5??? You'll be reeling in alot of money quick! Never forget to thank the Lord for all the blessings we have. Without him we have nothing!
             Have you guys heard about this Eduardo guy in Bolivia? Supposedly He's causing alot of trouble with the United States and has alot of secret information? Bolivia put out an internacional accusation that the U.S. is spying on Bolivia. Doesn't sound to good for us American missionaries. We're kinda worried about it! Let me know if you hear anything about it!
Love and Miss you Guys, Stay Close to the Lord.
Elder Neuhaus

On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 4:10 AM, <> wrote:
Elder Neuhaus,

So glad to hear you are doing well.  Everyone loves your letters.  I am glad to hear you are having so much success so quickly.  I was wondering how big the city is you are in?  How many wards/branches are there?  How many missionaries are in the city?  How big is the zone?  How many baptisms are in the mission each month?  Have you met your new president yet?  Where is he from?  Have you gotten any post cards from me?  I have sent 5-6.  I figured I would not send them if you don't get them.  Let me know.

Life is still crazy here.  Andrew and Emily left yesterday to go to Utah-Emily at time out for girsl and Andrew for scout camp, a week of fun and Jimmer camp.  Brad left today.  He will stay with Gabe for the next week then be off to Fiji for HEFY.  He returns August 8 at midnight and has to start school the next day.  He will be tired!

Life is busy for me at the office too.  We hired a new doctor-Dr. Hasler.  He starts tomorrow.  We have a couple new employees starting this week too.

We are hoping to wrap up the purchase of the farm this week.  It has been one problem after another getting this to work out.  I do feel it is the right thing for us.  Hopefully we will be able to get it fixed up pretty good before you get back.  It is a big project that will take some time.  It should be really fun once it gets going though.

We look forward to monday because we know we get a letter from you.  You are such a great example for the other kids.  They pray for you every time there is a prayer.  Love you lots.  We mailed a birthday package to the mission home this weekend.  I can't believe you will be 19 this month!

Love ya!  Keep working hard and being obedient!


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