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July 8, 2013 letter

Dear Family,
Quick update about the guys from back home at BYU. JAKE JARMAN IS GOING TO THE RUSSIA NOVOSIBIRSK MISSION!!! 
Another week finished in the misión field! Wow it went by fast. Today we are having a zone activity at a restaurant and playing volleyball afterwards. It`ll be the best food I’ve had in a while ha.
This week we have had two joven con fecha. (I’m starting to forget words in english so sorry if some of this  is in spanish today…ask dad to translate!) But when we went to pick them up only one of them was at their house. So we decided to give the kid 14 bolivianos to take a moto and find his brother and then meet us up at church. The kid didn’t show up for sacrament with his brother….Stole our Money! And we’re poor! Luckily a member in the Ward knew him and his brother and was able to go track him down for the last two hours of church. But we never found his brother so we have to wait another week before we can baptize him. ¡Pucha! (My new favorite spanish Word ha.) We also had another joven at church with us this past Sunday, Pedro, this guy is super smart, loves to think so we have to ask him lots of really good questions when we teach him. Its a challenge for me in spanish but i’m enjoying it. Learning the language is fun.
Had two service projects this week. Built a fence for the president of our branch and moved tons of bricks, dirt, and other stuff for a family in our area. Service is good cause we get to wear p-day clothes and always get chocolate afterwards ha.
We had intercambios this week! (splits) I went to Mamorè with Elder Limon. He is from Santa Cruz, he’s on a temporary misión here til he gets his visa for Venezuela. It was really good to see how other people teach, and he gave me the opportunity to teach the lessons and take the lead. It was awesome! I was able to communicate completely with the people andhave a great lesson with everyone we taught. I really felt accomplished afterwards and I can see the improvement I’m having every day. Oh! And when I was with Elder Limon I got to hold a Parrot! It was awesome. Oh, and I ate cow intestine with Elder Limon. Woo-hoo. It actually wasn’t that bad but still, cow intestine. Nasty.
It was weird spending Independence Day here in Bolivia. I remember last year at this time I was heading off to Spain with Dad. I’m grateful for those memories I have. On Independence Day I was able to offer my very first blessing in Spanish. It was incredible! The Spirit was crazy strong. It was a blessing for the sick and afflcted to a very old lady who is probably super closet o death. During the blessing she was shaking and talking/mumbling and I felt the impression to tell her to “be still and know that God loves you” and she literally stopped shaking and talking/mumbling. I’m so grateful for the Priesthood that I hold. I know that I can work miracles through the power of the Lord.
We were with a member this week and we had just finished teaching a family when I asked him how his misión was for him. He said that as a missionary we are literally angels. I truly believe that. We live our lives on such a higher level than the world and our thoughts and actions are so different than those around us. We walk 15-20 miles a day easy and never feel fatigue. Our bodies are filled with the strength and power of God. I know that what I am doing will affect so many peoples lives. I am grateful that I am worthy and knew the góspel when I was younger so that I now have the opportunity to serve so many people here in Bolivia.
Yesterday after church we Heard the songs “bulletproof” in spanish and “Love You Like a Love Song” in English. Talk about freaking trunky afterwards! Me and Elder Spitale were singing songs the rest of the night! Ha.
Love hearing from you guys every week. My birthday is soon! Woo-hoo! Only one more after this and I’ll be heading home. 19 years old. Wow. Ha.
Love and Miss You,
Elder Neuhaus
p.s.- I've enjoyed the opportunity to write Brad each week, I'm sure he's struggling with the move, I'm sure all the kids are in their own little ways. But just make sure they are reading the scriptures and going to youth activities. All will come together and everyone will be happy. Only through Jesus Christ can we feel true happiness. No matter how many great and spectacular things we have in this world. That's why only the meek will inherit the kingdom of God. The meek and humble understand this concept. I'm grateful to be surrounded by so many meek and humble people right now. Never forget how blessed we are as a family. Serve others.

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Elder Neuhaus,

Sorry we did not get letters off to you last week.  We were moving back from Utah and trying to find a spot for everything in the house in TN.  It has been a huge mess.  The kids have all jumped in and been great helpers.  We had so much stuff in Utah and brought it all to Tennessee.  We are definately in a transition state.  

Brad has appreciated your letters.  He is having a very tough time with coming back to TN.  He could really use some positive words of encouragement from you.  He has a great opportunity to play basketball at Ravenwood and really shine and be an example to the kids there.  I think it scares him.  There are tons of new kids in the ward.  Brad doesn't seem to want to give anyone the time of day though.  

On a brighter note.  I spoke to Remington today and he is way excited to hear about Bolivia.  He is not going to enter the MTC until October.  Tough wait for him.  He says he was called to the Bolivia Santa Cruz Mission.  He hasn't heard which one he will go to.  He is going to the Peru MTC.  You should send him a couple pictures and share some crazy stories with him to get him excited.  His email address is

So our big excitement this week is buying a little farm.  We should close on it Friday.  The kids are excited to get some chickens.  I think we will also get a cow or two, sheep, bees, maybe a goat and the girls are begging for a horse.  We will send some pictures next week.  I am not quite sure what we are undertaking but it will be a new adventure.  

Mark is a big kid now, using the potty.  He is almost potty trained.  Still needs some consistency but he is very proud of himself.  

We see the missionaries in the ward now and think of you.  You are doing a great work.  It is fun to gather the kids together and read you letters.  We are sending a birthday package to the mission home address that was included in your call for packages.  Maybe you will get it in August.  So glad to hear you are busy and seeing people get baptized.  It was 4 or 5 months in spain for me before I had anyone I was teaching get baptized.  It is fun to see how your testimony is growing through your letters.  You are doing the Lord's work!  We love you Ryan.

D&C84:19-22   I taught Emily's Sunday school class today and we had a good discussion about the priesthood and the importance of ordinances and covenants.  The priesthood you hold comes from your Heavenly Father and through it all things are possible.  Have a great week!


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  1. Hi! My name is Josephine, and I stumbled across this blog in researching my mission. I'll be serving in the Bolivia Santa Cruz North mission as of September 11th, and had a quick question for Elder Nehaus, are sisters not allowed outside of the city? Or are sisters only able to go to areas within the city itself? If you can answer that would help me out a lot! If not, well then that's okay too and thanks for your time :)