Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15 letter to/from Mom

Sounds like life is good. That's always good to hear while I'm i don't know, 20,000 miles away from home? haha. I hope you get the horse you've dreamed of, I can't wait to see the barn when I get back! I'm excited to work on it too, working outside is always good hard work. I know they can't get enough of it. They'll always remember that place as the best place ever. It's good that they had a great experience there. They can use it as a guide for there children when they are older. Andrew is gonna play golf huh? His baseball team in Utah must really have been bad. Make sure he doesn't mess up his swing! He's got a ton of potential for baseball! And every other sport, that kid is a natural athlete. I'm glad Brad will start. I have a feeling he is gonna tear up TN. It's nothing like Utah. Just make sure he keeps his head straight and is confident, not cocky. A dry mormon family huh? Glad to hear you guys are doing some missionary work. Work hard with them, it's not easy to commit someone to reading the scriptures or attending church on sunday! People have agency! I'm learning that it's not a fun concept, but necessary for us to grow and progress in this life. I feel bad for the little girls, I hope they grow close this upcoming years. They can learn to rely on each other because when they get older it won't be any easier. I hear you post some of my pictures, I'm glad to hear people are interested in how things are going! I love you Mom, I miss you! I can't wait to see you again! Make sure you're wearing that blue ralph Lauren dress we bought together when I get back. I'm working out every morning. Goals are good to have, they push us to new levels and help us accomplish things that we never thought were possible. Love and rely in the Lord. :)
Elder Neuhaus

On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 2:23 AM, Matthew Neuhaus <> wrote:
Dear Elder Neuhaus,
It has been another very full week for the family.  We are still unpacking and organizing.  We will be for a while.  But it's all good!  The Stanley's have arrived, he is going to work with Dad and she is going to be the teacher.  It should be interesting.  I will send you some pictures.  Hopefully we will have the barn fixed up by the time you get home.  We are excited to get some animals out there.  Maybe I will get the horse I have always dreamed of.  

So we got the kids back, they helped us unload, washed all their clothes, set up their rooms and Brad, Emily and Andrew flew back to Utah.  They just can't get enough of that place.  Brad will then fly on to FIJI!  He is really looking forward to it,

I think the high school transition will be a big change for both of them.  Keep them in your prayers.  Andrew is going to have a big change too,  Middle school is a rough place.  Andrew has decided he wants to try out for the golf team, I hope he makes it.  He learned a lot from Gina Higbee in Utah,  

Emily is going to run cross country,  Dad really hit it off with the coach, they are our missionary family to work with.  They are expecting their fifth baby and dad said they are dry mormons.  

Brad should start on the basketball team, they are not very good. We sure do miss a team like Lone Peak and a coach like Lewis,  I hope he tries out for the baseball team too,

Natalie and Laura are trying to adjust to not having the Hunt girls across the street, but at least they have each other.

The four little guys all get along great and have fun together.  They talk about you all the time,.  

We are so proud of you!  You look so happy in the pictures.  I post some of them and so many people are interested in what you are doing,  Thanks for being such a fine son!

We llove you!

Have a great week,

Love Always,

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