Sunday, July 7, 2013

June 24 Letter from Ryan

Dear Family,
Well this week has been pretty good! I was sick Monday after P-day, ate some bad Picole. Picole is like a popsicle! It was copa sur flavored, not the best flavor ever. On Thursday after lunch I had a really bad stomache ache. Think I ate something under-cooked. But i feel great now! And the rest of the week was good! This Saturday we have our first baptism, Paul Guarena. He’s  an 11 yr old kid we have been working on for a while now, his family is inactive but we have gotten them to come to church alot recently. I’m excited to have my first baptism.
                The language is getting easier and easier as the weeks go by. Last night we had a broadcast for all the missionaries around the world, it was cool to hear that there are 70,000 active missionaries right now and 40,000 with their papers in. That’s 120,000 missionaries. Wow. I’m proud to be one of them! It was hard to understand completely what was said last night because it was all in Spanish but I could feel the spirit and understood what they were trying to convey to us. Work with the members and follow the guidance of the Spirit. This week I definitely fell asleep in two lessons because my brain just shut down because of how tired I was and how hard i was trying to understand the language, it was funny. Thank goodness the man we were teaching understood and there was no problem. I’m studying as much as I can with the language, it’s difficult but I know that the more and more work I put in the more and more stronger I will become in conveying the spirit through my words. That’s all I desire right now, to convey the spirit so strongly that no one can say no to the góspel. It will take time but it’s gonna happen. I’m determined!
                Guayaramerin is pretty amazing, it rained every day the past week. And when I say rain I don’t just mean like a rain back in the U.S. it really pours down here. Hard. It’s pretty dang cool, and fun to be running through the streets while it’s pouring down rain on you. The sunsets here are gorgeous, I could sit back and watch them day after day. With the jungle tree-line and the colors of red and orange I’ve never been more star-struck by the sky.
                There are rumours going around right now that Bolivia might be entering into a war with Chile over some territory of land. I don’t know how valid it is but if it’s true we’d all be sent home. I really hope it isn’t true, I just started the work here and I can just feel the blessings of working hard everyday pouring into my life. I’m loving every minute of this misión. It’s hard, but it’s the best thing I think I’ve ever done.
                I’ve only got three more weeks with my companion! It’s crazy to think I’ll have my first transfer so soon. I love Elder Spitale, he is the coolest guy ever. I’m really gonna miss that dude. Never been able to joke around with someone and be so spiritually in tune at the same time. It’s pretty great being a missionary.
Well I miss you guys and hope you are doing great. I love you and love hearing from you each week. Keep following the Savior. I know you will be blessed!
Elder Neuhaus

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