Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5th Email from Ryan, May 14, 2013


Dear Neuhaus Family,
I was glad I had the opportunity to write mom this past sunday, she's been a amazing mother! I've been doing good. However, the last 4 days I've been bed ridden with the Nova Virus. But they let me get up and walk around and eat when I could. I went to the temple today so I'm feeling good now. Well I usually spend about 14-15 hours a day in the classroom doing either personal study,companion study,language study, or learning grammar from a teacher. It switches off on a day to day basis on who my investigator is. This week MWF in the mornings i've been teaching a guy named Augusto. He is a college professor who had some students who were Mormon so he was interested in the gospel. Last lesson we went into it planning to teach on the restoration, but he was hungover so we decided to teach him about the Word of Wisdom. On T/Th evenings we've been teaching a lady named Nancy. She has an 8 yr old boy and a boyfriend who lives with her. Taught the law of chastity to her last lesson, she didn't seem to interested in it. She enjoys the gospel and reads the Book of Mormon and believes it to be true, but doesn't want to be seperated from her boyfriend. Supposedly its a common problem here in Peru because getting married her is expensive and in Peru bishops can't legally marry a couple. Couples first have to be married through the government before being married in the temple. Temple marriage here isn't a legal marriage like it is in the U.S. just another blessing we have that we don't think about. So those are my two "investigators" right now. On saturday I get to go proselyting for the first time for real. I'm super pumped for that, it'll be a neat experience. Listened to the whole temple sesh in Spanish again for P-day, understood almost all of it. My Spanish is coming along great. No one is speaking to fast for me out here, i'm feeling really confident right now. My companion gets on my nerves alot but i'm learning how to deal with him. He has the personality of Bryce Swenson and never knows when to be quiet. And in lessons he likes to try to talk but usually kills the spirit because he can't come up with a word and freaks out or just rambles about something we weren't even discussing in the lesson. Por ejemplo, we were teaching on la ley de castidad and he started talking about the importance of paying tithing and how it will keep you chaste....not the best example. But it's okay, we'll get there. We haven't been to any members homes yet, not sure where that came from...sorry.
My companion is currently from Gilbert, Arizona. His name is Elder Dorson. He's an interesting red-headed kid. Got alot of out-there ideas about the gospel. The two other Elders in my district are Elder Estrada, and Elder Zohner. Elder Estrada is from Tuscon, Arizona. He's a really cool dude i get along with him well. Elder Zohner is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. He reminds me of Tanner Truman. He's that type of dude. Loves computers and such. Good at spanish though. My really good friends here leave this next week sadly. They're names are Elder Colton, Elder Walker, Elder Dority, Elder Hess, and Elder Leavitt. Elder Colton is from Arcadia, California. I spent alot of time with him the past 4 days. We both had the Nova Virus together and were stuck in the same room in bed,and we just found out he has a hernia yesterday. He's a funny dude that played some football and basketball in high school, he went to BYU-I for a semester. I'm trying to get him to come out to Provo when he gets back. Elder Dority is from Logan. He's a District Leader out here. He's a great guy, super country and has a good sense of humour. He always jokes about how he knows how to castrate a cow and he's more country than me even though I'm from Nashville. Elder Walker is from Payson, he's a quiet country kid that is a good friend. He's gonna be a kicker for the Dixie State football team when he gets back. He's pretty good at soccer. Elder Hess is from O´clair, Wisconsin. This kid is the most defined kid I've ever met. Tell him he's more defined than Mika and Gabe. Literally every vein is popping out of his forearms, and he never works out. He's a good guy, doesn't even have a wisconsin accent. He's kinda quiet but he knows aton about the gospel. I love having deep gospel convos with him and Elder Colton. Elder Leavitt is from Brighton. He plays tennis at SUU and is a hilarious red head kid with a really outgoing personality. I've had alot of fun with him out here. All the guys out here call me pretty boy or "sunshine" like the guy off of remember the titans. It's pretty funny.
I'll try to send a video out to you guys. Last time it wouldn't let me becase the file was too big...It was of my old Latino roomate named Elder Cañari beatboxing a little in my room. Right now I can't import pictures to a website so I will just email you them, we are only allowed on LDS.org and the myldsmail.net email they set up for us. Wow, that's gonna be aton of fun. I bet they are all freaking out. They'll love it. That'll be a great experience for them. Especially since Gabe and Josh have never flown before. Super jealous. You should send me some pictures of what is going on around out there. Plus I still need that yellow fever form. Sounds like you coulda been a pilot, I'm sure flying is much more relaxing than driving. But i bet driving a UHaul with the twins will be a great experience. I vaguely remember driving a UHaul from Texas to Louisville when I was around their age with you guys. Good to hear that you send some stuff. I got my very first 3 letters yesterday in the mail. Including your postcard. Definitely brought a smile to my face. Surprisingly got a Dear Elder letter from Jordan Dobson too. It was short. Mostly complaining about how she didn't enjoy Louisville as much as BYU and how calling me Elder Neuhaus was weird. So far she's the only person outside of family i've heard from, did you guys put my email up on fb? I obviously didn't really have that many friends obviously.
When I got your postcard and read the intresting fact about Bolivia I was super surpised. I'm excited to see all the wildlife there. I'm sure it will be awesome. All that is out here are wild rabied infested dogs. And then I read about brad missing that dunk. Did he really jump from 10 feet out? That's like LeBron James/MJ range! I'm upset I don't get to see him play. I really hope he gets to play college ball somewhere. I know I'm missing out. Let him know I'm thinking about him out here. He's definitely my best friend.
The food here is getting bland already. Rice and chicken every night. Nasty greasy eggs for breakfast every morning. I've lost almost 12 pounds already due to not as much food and sickness. I'm sure i will be super skinny when I get back. I heard that a girl from my mission (Santa Cruz) lost 80 pounds on her mission...that's alot.
The weather here is killer hot. Super sweaty all the time, but i'm grateful I'm out here. It's really pretty here, you guys will have to come out here evenually. No other place i'd rather be right now. I know the Lord is happy for my service and you guys will be blessed along with me.
Soccer with the Latinos is pretty fun. I'd like to think I'm getting pretty good, I score at least one goal every game. So far the most i've scored in one game is 3. They like to joke and call us 'gringos' and say we're no good but there are plenty of uncoordinated Latinos. All of them have a big desire to learn english too. Especially late at night. They're always asking us what such and such means. Can't help but love them.
I'm gonna attach a few pictures for you guys. Love you and miss you all. I can't wait to hear from you guys again next week or maybe from a suprise letter in the mail.
Love you guys, I hope you feel the Lords blessings in your lives this week.
Elder Neuhaus
Alma 29:9

Dad letter to Ryan 5/13/2013

Elder Neuhaus,

Mom really appreciated your email yesterday.  Thanks for sending that for Mother's Day.  It made her day.  I am so glad to hear you are doing so well and enjoying your new missionary life.  It will be awesome if you let it.  It sounds like you are figuring that out.  It sounds like you get to spend some time away from the MTC.  Tell us what your daily routine is.  How much time do you spend in class? How much is outside of the MTC?  You said you got to go to a members home for dinner?  What was that like?  Tell us the names of your companions and where they are from.   We have started a blog and plan to put all your emails (and ours to you) on it.  We really enjoyed the pictures.  Feel free to send a short video or two too.  :)  We are going to set up an online picture site and I think you will be able to directly import your pictures to the site.  That would be easier than doing the email thing and having to attach them all in multiple emails.  I will try to get that done tonight and send you the password/instructions in another email.

Not much to update you on here.  It was a pretty regular week.  I am flying over Texas right now on the way back to TN.  I decided to use some frequent flier points on Brad, Gabe, Josh.  The four of us are going to California in 2 weeks and will go deep sea fishing.  We will send you some pictures if we catch anything good.  Should be fun.  We head back  to TN in about a month.  I am going to drive a Uhaul truck back with the twins and the dogs then fly back and drive everyone back in the red van with the trailer.  I will be glad the traveling will be over but in some ways I will miss the flying.  I do enjoy seeing the world from above.

We have sent a bunch of letters/post cards.  Not sure if you have gotten them yet.  Let us know.  I have dated everything.  It will be interesting to hear how long it takes for you to really get everything.  I sent a ton of stamps last week too.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Love ya Elder!


Mom letter to Ryan 5/13/2013

My Dear Ryan,
How proud I am of you!  What a precious letter/email for Mother's day.  You had me in tears. I am so glad you are growing in the gospel and becoming a leader in the mission. 
Cherish your time because it will pass by quicker than you think.  Laura was so excited to come running from the mailbox with the first actual letter from you, thanks for doing that, it meant so much to her. 
So what would be your advice to Brad for next year?  Do you think he should stay here?  It is hard to have another kid leave the nest.
Emily's AHS soccer team came in 2nd in State, although that is out of three teams, haha!
Andrew's baseball team stinks this year, no fun.
Natalie is loving gymnastics.
Laura had her birthday party at the rollerskating rink, she loved it.  She was flying out there with her cast on. Did we tell you she broke her wrist again, this is the third time.  It doesn't slow her down at all.
Nathan and Preston are glad it is warming up outside and jump on the tramp all the time.
Mark is still working on the poop in the potty thing, ughhhhhh
And Tyler is such a strong little guy, he practically does push-ups!
We are starting to get things packed up.  We have a big job ahead of us. 
Leaving here will be hard, but I am ready to be under the same roof with Dad all the time!
Remember we love you, work hard, follow the spirit, and love others.  You are awesome and Heavenly Father loves you, always remember that!
Love Always,

Reply from Ryan 5/14/2013

 Hey Mom,

I'm glad it meant alot to you :) I am definitely enjoying the time I've been here. Pero...the last 4 days here I've been really sick with the Nova Virus. Pretty much been banished to my room with the two other elders that were sick with it to. Oh well, I feel good now. I'm glad Laura got the letter! I finally got my letters from you guys yesterday. Definitely brought a smile to my face.
Brad- If Brad truly wants to stay out there I think that is what's best. He has good friends and will succed more in basketball and will gain a better testimony. I know it will be hard but if I were in his position I'd do the hard thing and stay out there so I'd get the best experience. Not that living with you guys wouldn't be a good experience, just that he would have more opportunities in Utah.
Emily- Ah no way! That's too bad she didn't win state, she could have had the advantage of bragging about be a state champ. Oh well. :)
Andrew- Yeah I know, at least he plays well. Civitan baseball will be good for him when he gets back to TN
Natalie- That girl is crazy flexible, I'm sure she'll be doing flips all over the place by the time I get back.
Laura- She broke her wrist again!?! No fun! :( hope she gets better soon. I'm sure she loved rollerskating, good birthday party.
Twins- They're gonna change aton while I'm out here. Been thinking about them alot lately.
Mark- He'll get there. Patience is key! I'm definitely learning that out here. My companion is...ughhhh.... :)
Tyler- That kid is gonna be a big dude when he is older, probably a football playerat some point.
I hope you guys have a safe trip back to TN. I know it will be hard leaving all of your great friends in Utah. But I know that Heavenly Father will bless you guys for following his promptings and keep you safe through your travels.
I love you guys too! Thanks!
Elder Neuhaus

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's day email from Elder Neuhaus May 12, 2013

Hey Mom,
Since today is mothers day we were allowed 15 minutes to email you today. So, I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely grateful that you are the mother I have been given here on Earth. Mom, looking back at all of the experiences I've had growing up I know that you have always been there looking out for me. I know I wasn't always an easy child or a great example to the rest of the kids but I want you to know that I am trying to be the best example i can be now. Being with you the past year has been a blessing as I have grown closer to you than I think I ever remember being. I know that you love me and I can come to you for anything if needed. Know that I am out here serving the Lord so that others may here the gospel you brought me up in, and I'm very grateful for that. Thanks for always being pushy and forcing me in the right direction when there were times that I may have been swaying in the wind. I know that you've been one of my steady anchors and without that I don't know where I would be right now. I love you Mom, It hurts me that I have to be away from you for the next two years but I know it's where I'm supposed to be right now. The people of Bolivia are being prepared for my teachings and to hear the gospel of the Lord. My testimony is growing each day and I hope I am becoming more and more of the man you and Dad want me to become each day as I am here. You, Dad, and the rest of the family are constantly in my thoughts. I know that Heavenly Father is blessing you guys for allowing me to have the opportunity to be out here. I know that this isn't the expected Mothers Day you thought you would have from me because it isn't a phone call, but know through this email that I care about you, love you, and hope you are doing great. I'm more than thankful for everything you've ever done for me. I'll see you in the near future, two years isn't as long as it sounds. I'll email you again on Tuesday with a big update on how everything has been going.
Love your oldest son,
Elder Neuhaus

Letter to Ryan from Laura with reply, May 12, 2013

May 12, 2013
Dear Ryan,
Thank you for the letter.What did the song say? Is your companion American or 
I miss   you so much.It is ok that the letter was late. Is the language easy.
Ryan I love you.You are seting a good example for us.
Love Laura

May 12, 2013
Dear Laura,
you'll just have to read it when you get it! Right now my companion is American, his name is Elder Dorson. I miss you too Laura, you're always in my thoughts. The language is hard but i'm getting there! I'll have it down soon so then I can speak to you in all kinds of spanish when I get home. I love you too Laura. You're a good example to me too.
Elder Neuhaus

Letter to Ryan from Natalie with reply, May 12, 2013

May 12, 2013
Dear Ryan,
I miss you  so much. How are doing? Are you in the MTC or are you in Boliva?I 
love you so much
today is Mothers Day and we all miss you so much!

Reply from Ryan 5/14/2013
Hey Natalie!
Right now i'm in the MTC. But here in Peru they call it the CCM! I love you too Natalie, I hope you are doing really good! tell Brad, Andrew, and all the other kids to start emailing me! I miss you guys alot too! :)
Elder Neuhaus

4th Email May 7, 2013

Hey Neuhaus Family!
So just a little update on how i've been. I've realized that I have forgot to tell you guys alot because I have just been flying through things lately, the mission work never stops! So I have been the district leader of my district the past 2 weeks. I was called the very first night immediately after I had my interview with the branch president and mission president. Guess the Lord wants me as district leader.
I was in an orignial companionship of three but we got a new elder from the Provo MTC, Elder Dorson. I was assigned to be his companion because I am the district leader. So far we haven't really gotten along. He's not a very athletic kid, red-hair, dad is a priest for some church that believes everything in the bible literally. He's a different guy... I've been praying with Heavenly Father alot for help on what do to do so that we will work better so I took the iniative to try something so the Lord could put his hand in the work. I sat him down last night to talk to him about how our companionship will work better. So far today it's been better. I've been teaching alot of lessons lately, I'm able to teach them completely in Spanish now. My spanish has increased really fast. Today I placed two Books of Mormon with complete strangers on a bus while we were driving to the Temple and the Metro (it's their kroger/walmart). My testimony is increasing quick. I've read and marked my scriptures and prayed more than I ever have in my life the past two weeks. Today I listened to the whole temple session in spanish just because I wanted to. Spirit was strong, thought alot about you guys. All of the Latino's are gone right now, there are a total of 24 missionaries in the CCM. All of which are North American. We get a shipment of new elders and sisters tomorrow, 75 latinos and 16 Americans. Walking around the city has just gotten me more and more excited about finally getting to Bolivia. It's warm here, I'm sweating alot, but it's even warmer in Santa Cruz. I sent Laura a letter for her birthday/baptism. I don't have any American stamps here and I can't buy any here they say. So if you could mail me some that'd be sweet. I still haven't gotten your postcard yet either. I'll send you  some pictures of Lima/CCM today with this email. It's gorgeous out here. Sounds like those people you had over for dinner were interesting. I think I did read that book at some point. Right now I'm reading Jesus The Christ. Hard read but I'm learning alot. Sang in a quartet for sacrament meeting on sunday, all elders. We sang "mas cerca dios de ti"...or nearer my God to thee....in spanish, the spirit was definitely there. About Mothers day, I can't call home because I'm in the CCM so I'll just have to wait until either I'm in the airport while going to Bolivia or Christmas. Today at the temple I met a temple president who said he would call home for you guys to tell you that I'm doing good, say hi to the kids, and Happy Mothers Day to Mom.

So i guess my last email decide to just go ahead and send itself while I was writing you guys. Anyways...
Been playing alot of soccer lately, scored three goals in my last game. We ended up tying 5-5. Life down here is fun, but definitely hard work. The days are flying by now. I'm sure next P-day will be here in no time. Made some friends here, Elder Leavitt and Elder Colton. Both guys came in 2 weeks before me, really nice guys. I get along with them really well. Leavitt is headed to Trujillo, Peru and Colton is headed to Lima Este, Peru. So far I've heard the food in Bolivia is super nasty but the city is gross. Some of the Latinos from Bolivia said I will probably eat rat wrapped in melted cheese in Santa Cruz....can't wait to tell you guys about that meal. One of my latino friends was teaching me how to beatbox before he left. He was pretty dang good at it. And another guy, I called him Elder GusGus because if you go back and watch the Cinderella disney movie and listen to the fat mouse GusGus' voice he sounds Exaclty the same. He thought it was hilarious and went around singing "cinderelly cinderelly" all the time. The Latinos are really humble and fun loving people. They don't always work hard, but they know the gospel. People in my district are convinced our teacher is one of the 3 Nephites. I don't think he is but he won't say he isn't so idk....guess it's possible. I highly doubt it though. I hope you guys are all in good health and having fun in Utah for the last little bit you guys are out there.
I love you, pray for you, and miss you.
Elder Neuhaus

Reply from Dad, May 6, 2013

Elder Neuhaus,

Hope you are doing well.  We think of you often. We enjoy your emails and look 
forward to hearing from you.  I have only done one temple session in Spanish and 
that was just a few months ago.  I imagine that was a little tough for you but 
what a great way to learn the language.  Sounds like you are having a great MTC 
experience.  You are so fortunate to be able to leave the MTC to practice what 
you are learning.  You can't do that in Provo.  

We had dinner with a family this past sunday night.  I wish you could have been 
there.  It was Tim Ballard.  He wrote the book "The Covenant".  I don't remember 
if you read that or not.  It is about the covenant the founding fathers 
recognized they had with God.  He referred to Genesis 49 and Matthew 24 a bunch.  
He recommended another book called the Harbinger which looks at the covenant as 
well.  That author used isaiah 9:10 and how it refers to our country as well.  
He related it to 9/11 and how our country is embracing evil.  As the promised 
land we lose our protection from Heavenly father if we do not keep the 
commandments.  The Covenant is a great book.  The author has 6 kids, is a CIA 
agent and a BYU grad.  You would have really liked talking with him.  He served 
his mission in Chile.  Graduated with a double major-spanish/poly sci degrees.  
You may want to rethink it when you come home and decide to get serious about 
school.  You have a lot of time to think about your career options.  Sorry to 
bring it up and make you think about it.  I know you are probably in the mission 
mode, at least you should be.  Anyway, he will be a good contact for you.  He is 
in good with Glen Beck.  He said Elder Ballard met with him and wanted to talk 
to him about his book shortly after it came out.   He just wrote a new book 
about Abraham Lincoln and how he recognized the covenant our country has as the 
promised land.  I havn't read it yet, he gave us a copy so I will make that my 
next book to read.  I could totally see you hanging out with him and being like 

I hope you are taking advantage of your time in the MTC.  It may seem like it 
gets old after a while but you will really miss it when you get to Bolivia.  

Make sure you send the grandparents letters every once in a while.  You could 
have an impact on Grandma & Grandpa Neuhaus.  There address is 4410 Waite Lane, 
Madison Wisconsin, 53711.

I also finished reading a book from Clayton Christianson today on my flight back 
to TN.  He is an area authority who lived in Boston many years.  He was a 
Harvard business school professor.   Anyway, he talked about what makes wards 
successful when it comes to missionary work.  You will learn that there are 
certain wards in your mission where the work seems to go great all the time.  
There will be an area all the missionaries want to serve in.  He says it is the 
members willingness to pray for missionary experiences and welcome 
investigators.  He says it is as simple as being very friendly and loving the 
people which makes a ward grow.  You should talk to your teachers about their 
experiences with that.  It was certainly true in Spain.  Being in the small 
branches I was in was tough.  Most of my experience was that the members were 
not very friendly to investigators.  It makes the work tough if that is the 

Let us know the details on talking to you Sunday for Mother's Day.  We look 
forward to hearing from you.  

Love you Elder!


3rd Email, May 7, 2013

Hey! yeah my P-day is on tuesdays so you will only here from me on tuesdays unless it's in a letter. 
Brad- So proud of him. Sounds like he's getting his confidence on the court. I've been bragging about how good he is to all the missionaries here. I'm definitely one of his biggest fans. Tell him to take that call seriously, the Lord put him in that position for a reason. Proud of him.
Emily- Wow! That's incredible, she's found her talent. Running. Tell her I miss her and good job.
Andrew- That kid is just a naturally athlete. Can't wait to see how good he is when I get back. Figured his team would win the tourney, they were really good. 
Natalie- Didn't expect to hear that! She must be the hidden musical talent in the family. 
Laura- Can't wait to read her letters. Let her know she has one coming in the mail for her. Miss that sweet girl.
Nathan/Preston/Mark - those kids have more energy than anyone else in the family. I'm sure they're having lots of fun.
Tyler - sounds like I just missed the super fun stage. Oh well, I'll be able to run around with him when I get back. 
Dad/Mom - It's good to hear you guys are doing good. I'm sure you both have been stressed lately with the move to TN, me being gone, and Brad staying in UT. I've been praying for Heavenly Father to help you and comfort you both. 
Love you guys,
Elder Neuhaus 

Reply to Ryan from Mom April 30, 2013

Dear Ryan,
So good to hear from you!  We love you and miss you.  So can you only read emails on Tuesdays?  I am in the car with the i pad so I will give you a quick update.

Brad played in a tourament this weekend and finally had his breakout game.  15 pts in one game and 25 in the other. Brad was made 1st assistant to the Bishop in the Priests quorm

Emily ran a 5K and placed 2nd.  She had a PR and won $25.00

Andrew's team won the deacons tourny.  He also hit an in the park grand slam. 

Natalie is singing in the choir for stake conf.

Laura has been writing you tons of letters i need to mail

Nathan, Preston, and Mark play outside all day

Tyler is on the move, he crawls backwards

Dad and I are fine, we still can't believe you are gone.  So glad we had this last year with you.
The gospel is true.  So glad you are my son! 
Love Always,

Email from Dad-April 25, 2013

Thanks for the email Elder!   Glad you made it.  Sorry about the luggage.  You can give away what you dont need.  Take lots of pictures.  Your address is on Facebook.  I sent you a postcard already.  Let me know how long it takes to get things.  Ill try to date everything.

Love ya,


2nd Email April 30, 2013

Hey guys!
Today is P-day. Did a temple session in Spanish this morning, the Lima temple is the second smallest temple in the world...it can only hold 25 people per session so the CCM (MTC) is split up into multiple groups for temple sessions. Mine was at 8:30 this am. There is a really cool store across the street from the temple that ties and bags and other items with the lima temple and such on it. I got a cool grey llama tie with the Lima temple on it. I think i will get another with the Cochabomba temple on it. We went to Metro today, it´s pretty much their walmart. I bought some Inca Cola (its like their coca-cola) and cookies. The food here isn´t very great...i´m just waiting to get the "siempres" (diarrhea). All the older elders said I will get it soon, they all do from the food. I'm in a trio companionship right now, Elder Zohner from Idaho Falls and Elder Estrada from Tuscon, Arizona. Both are nice guys, don't have alot in common but that's not the point of the mission right? I'm getting a new companion from the Provo MTC on Thursday morning. Elder Dorson. Don't know much about him though, I hope he likes sports. Played alot of basquetbol and futbol this week with the Latinos. They all stink at basketball and think I`m amazing so it`s pretty funny. They're always asking if I know celebrities or an american song or movie. They all want to marry a "blanco chica" too. They`re fun to joke around with at night when we are done with companionship and personal study. I can hold a pretty steady comversation with most of the latinos now. My spanish has really improved the last week. Gift of Tongues definitely taking affect. Taught my first investigator last night, committed her to read the book of mormon and  pray if it was true. Excited to see how far we can get with her. How are you guys doing? I miss you guys alot. Feels like I've been away from home for over a month now, the days go by super slow here. I wanna hear a little update about everyone in every e-mail. I´m taking lots of pictures when I can. They only let us take pictures on P-day outside of the CCM. Not pictures in the CCM allowed...I don't understand why, but rules are rules. Anyways, miss you guys. Read the scriptures and pray together as a family. Yo sé que la iglesia de Jesucristo es verdadero, estoy agradecido por la oportunidad compartir el Evangilio con Peruvians y Bolivians. Yo sè que recibìa muchos bendices para mi servicio en Santa Cruz. =D
Love you guys,
Elder Neuhaus
p.s.- I need you guys to send me a scanned copy of my yellow fever vaccination form. I guess I had it checked off on my vaccination form you gave me but its not enough? You can probably get a copy from the doctor. Oh, and I have been told I need to learn Portugese and Quechua for my mission, i might come home trilingual....that'd be cool!

Another email the same day sent by Ryan

Oh and shoot me brads email, I wanna be able to send him emails while i'm out here....so that I will be able to hear all about how his basketball is going and the crazy things him and his friends are up to. Oh and a little updates on sports would be nice...miss not being able to check ESPN for scores haha.
Love you guys.
Elder Neuhaus

First Email from Peru, I'm Alive! April 25, 2013

Hey Family,
Just letting you guys know i´ve made it to Lima! We got in around 1 am last night and only got a few hours of sleep so we are super tired today. I am the only Elder going to Santa Cruz, Bolivia here. There are two sisters though. It´s pretty hot, I´m already starting to sweat alot and it´s only winter here. Hard to understand the language, i´m not nearly as good as I thought I was. I have way too much baggage too. All of the missionaries were laughing as I was struggling to carry it throughout the airport last night. One guy from Lima spoke english and told his wife...Don´t stand behind him. He will make us look poor....haha.
The MTC is really pretty, the grounds are super nice for Peru. Wish you guys could see it.
Well I have to go now, time is short and the day is going to be really busy.
I miss you guys and love you! The two years will go by fast. I´ll see you guys in no time.
Elder Neuhaus
p.s.- make sure you put my mailing address on facebook. I will write you guys and whoever writes me!