Sunday, May 12, 2013

4th Email May 7, 2013

Hey Neuhaus Family!
So just a little update on how i've been. I've realized that I have forgot to tell you guys alot because I have just been flying through things lately, the mission work never stops! So I have been the district leader of my district the past 2 weeks. I was called the very first night immediately after I had my interview with the branch president and mission president. Guess the Lord wants me as district leader.
I was in an orignial companionship of three but we got a new elder from the Provo MTC, Elder Dorson. I was assigned to be his companion because I am the district leader. So far we haven't really gotten along. He's not a very athletic kid, red-hair, dad is a priest for some church that believes everything in the bible literally. He's a different guy... I've been praying with Heavenly Father alot for help on what do to do so that we will work better so I took the iniative to try something so the Lord could put his hand in the work. I sat him down last night to talk to him about how our companionship will work better. So far today it's been better. I've been teaching alot of lessons lately, I'm able to teach them completely in Spanish now. My spanish has increased really fast. Today I placed two Books of Mormon with complete strangers on a bus while we were driving to the Temple and the Metro (it's their kroger/walmart). My testimony is increasing quick. I've read and marked my scriptures and prayed more than I ever have in my life the past two weeks. Today I listened to the whole temple session in spanish just because I wanted to. Spirit was strong, thought alot about you guys. All of the Latino's are gone right now, there are a total of 24 missionaries in the CCM. All of which are North American. We get a shipment of new elders and sisters tomorrow, 75 latinos and 16 Americans. Walking around the city has just gotten me more and more excited about finally getting to Bolivia. It's warm here, I'm sweating alot, but it's even warmer in Santa Cruz. I sent Laura a letter for her birthday/baptism. I don't have any American stamps here and I can't buy any here they say. So if you could mail me some that'd be sweet. I still haven't gotten your postcard yet either. I'll send you  some pictures of Lima/CCM today with this email. It's gorgeous out here. Sounds like those people you had over for dinner were interesting. I think I did read that book at some point. Right now I'm reading Jesus The Christ. Hard read but I'm learning alot. Sang in a quartet for sacrament meeting on sunday, all elders. We sang "mas cerca dios de ti"...or nearer my God to spanish, the spirit was definitely there. About Mothers day, I can't call home because I'm in the CCM so I'll just have to wait until either I'm in the airport while going to Bolivia or Christmas. Today at the temple I met a temple president who said he would call home for you guys to tell you that I'm doing good, say hi to the kids, and Happy Mothers Day to Mom.

So i guess my last email decide to just go ahead and send itself while I was writing you guys. Anyways...
Been playing alot of soccer lately, scored three goals in my last game. We ended up tying 5-5. Life down here is fun, but definitely hard work. The days are flying by now. I'm sure next P-day will be here in no time. Made some friends here, Elder Leavitt and Elder Colton. Both guys came in 2 weeks before me, really nice guys. I get along with them really well. Leavitt is headed to Trujillo, Peru and Colton is headed to Lima Este, Peru. So far I've heard the food in Bolivia is super nasty but the city is gross. Some of the Latinos from Bolivia said I will probably eat rat wrapped in melted cheese in Santa Cruz....can't wait to tell you guys about that meal. One of my latino friends was teaching me how to beatbox before he left. He was pretty dang good at it. And another guy, I called him Elder GusGus because if you go back and watch the Cinderella disney movie and listen to the fat mouse GusGus' voice he sounds Exaclty the same. He thought it was hilarious and went around singing "cinderelly cinderelly" all the time. The Latinos are really humble and fun loving people. They don't always work hard, but they know the gospel. People in my district are convinced our teacher is one of the 3 Nephites. I don't think he is but he won't say he isn't so idk....guess it's possible. I highly doubt it though. I hope you guys are all in good health and having fun in Utah for the last little bit you guys are out there.
I love you, pray for you, and miss you.
Elder Neuhaus

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