Sunday, May 12, 2013

2nd Email April 30, 2013

Hey guys!
Today is P-day. Did a temple session in Spanish this morning, the Lima temple is the second smallest temple in the can only hold 25 people per session so the CCM (MTC) is split up into multiple groups for temple sessions. Mine was at 8:30 this am. There is a really cool store across the street from the temple that ties and bags and other items with the lima temple and such on it. I got a cool grey llama tie with the Lima temple on it. I think i will get another with the Cochabomba temple on it. We went to Metro today, it´s pretty much their walmart. I bought some Inca Cola (its like their coca-cola) and cookies. The food here isn´t very great...i´m just waiting to get the "siempres" (diarrhea). All the older elders said I will get it soon, they all do from the food. I'm in a trio companionship right now, Elder Zohner from Idaho Falls and Elder Estrada from Tuscon, Arizona. Both are nice guys, don't have alot in common but that's not the point of the mission right? I'm getting a new companion from the Provo MTC on Thursday morning. Elder Dorson. Don't know much about him though, I hope he likes sports. Played alot of basquetbol and futbol this week with the Latinos. They all stink at basketball and think I`m amazing so it`s pretty funny. They're always asking if I know celebrities or an american song or movie. They all want to marry a "blanco chica" too. They`re fun to joke around with at night when we are done with companionship and personal study. I can hold a pretty steady comversation with most of the latinos now. My spanish has really improved the last week. Gift of Tongues definitely taking affect. Taught my first investigator last night, committed her to read the book of mormon and  pray if it was true. Excited to see how far we can get with her. How are you guys doing? I miss you guys alot. Feels like I've been away from home for over a month now, the days go by super slow here. I wanna hear a little update about everyone in every e-mail. I´m taking lots of pictures when I can. They only let us take pictures on P-day outside of the CCM. Not pictures in the CCM allowed...I don't understand why, but rules are rules. Anyways, miss you guys. Read the scriptures and pray together as a family. Yo sé que la iglesia de Jesucristo es verdadero, estoy agradecido por la oportunidad compartir el Evangilio con Peruvians y Bolivians. Yo sè que recibìa muchos bendices para mi servicio en Santa Cruz. =D
Love you guys,
Elder Neuhaus
p.s.- I need you guys to send me a scanned copy of my yellow fever vaccination form. I guess I had it checked off on my vaccination form you gave me but its not enough? You can probably get a copy from the doctor. Oh, and I have been told I need to learn Portugese and Quechua for my mission, i might come home trilingual....that'd be cool!

Another email the same day sent by Ryan

Oh and shoot me brads email, I wanna be able to send him emails while i'm out that I will be able to hear all about how his basketball is going and the crazy things him and his friends are up to. Oh and a little updates on sports would be nice...miss not being able to check ESPN for scores haha.
Love you guys.
Elder Neuhaus

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