Sunday, May 12, 2013

Reply to Ryan from Mom April 30, 2013

Dear Ryan,
So good to hear from you!  We love you and miss you.  So can you only read emails on Tuesdays?  I am in the car with the i pad so I will give you a quick update.

Brad played in a tourament this weekend and finally had his breakout game.  15 pts in one game and 25 in the other. Brad was made 1st assistant to the Bishop in the Priests quorm

Emily ran a 5K and placed 2nd.  She had a PR and won $25.00

Andrew's team won the deacons tourny.  He also hit an in the park grand slam. 

Natalie is singing in the choir for stake conf.

Laura has been writing you tons of letters i need to mail

Nathan, Preston, and Mark play outside all day

Tyler is on the move, he crawls backwards

Dad and I are fine, we still can't believe you are gone.  So glad we had this last year with you.
The gospel is true.  So glad you are my son! 
Love Always,

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