Sunday, May 12, 2013

3rd Email, May 7, 2013

Hey! yeah my P-day is on tuesdays so you will only here from me on tuesdays unless it's in a letter. 
Brad- So proud of him. Sounds like he's getting his confidence on the court. I've been bragging about how good he is to all the missionaries here. I'm definitely one of his biggest fans. Tell him to take that call seriously, the Lord put him in that position for a reason. Proud of him.
Emily- Wow! That's incredible, she's found her talent. Running. Tell her I miss her and good job.
Andrew- That kid is just a naturally athlete. Can't wait to see how good he is when I get back. Figured his team would win the tourney, they were really good. 
Natalie- Didn't expect to hear that! She must be the hidden musical talent in the family. 
Laura- Can't wait to read her letters. Let her know she has one coming in the mail for her. Miss that sweet girl.
Nathan/Preston/Mark - those kids have more energy than anyone else in the family. I'm sure they're having lots of fun.
Tyler - sounds like I just missed the super fun stage. Oh well, I'll be able to run around with him when I get back. 
Dad/Mom - It's good to hear you guys are doing good. I'm sure you both have been stressed lately with the move to TN, me being gone, and Brad staying in UT. I've been praying for Heavenly Father to help you and comfort you both. 
Love you guys,
Elder Neuhaus 

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