Sunday, May 12, 2013

First Email from Peru, I'm Alive! April 25, 2013

Hey Family,
Just letting you guys know i´ve made it to Lima! We got in around 1 am last night and only got a few hours of sleep so we are super tired today. I am the only Elder going to Santa Cruz, Bolivia here. There are two sisters though. It´s pretty hot, I´m already starting to sweat alot and it´s only winter here. Hard to understand the language, i´m not nearly as good as I thought I was. I have way too much baggage too. All of the missionaries were laughing as I was struggling to carry it throughout the airport last night. One guy from Lima spoke english and told his wife...Don´t stand behind him. He will make us look poor....haha.
The MTC is really pretty, the grounds are super nice for Peru. Wish you guys could see it.
Well I have to go now, time is short and the day is going to be really busy.
I miss you guys and love you! The two years will go by fast. I´ll see you guys in no time.
Elder Neuhaus
p.s.- make sure you put my mailing address on facebook. I will write you guys and whoever writes me!

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