Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dad letter to Ryan 5/13/2013

Elder Neuhaus,

Mom really appreciated your email yesterday.  Thanks for sending that for Mother's Day.  It made her day.  I am so glad to hear you are doing so well and enjoying your new missionary life.  It will be awesome if you let it.  It sounds like you are figuring that out.  It sounds like you get to spend some time away from the MTC.  Tell us what your daily routine is.  How much time do you spend in class? How much is outside of the MTC?  You said you got to go to a members home for dinner?  What was that like?  Tell us the names of your companions and where they are from.   We have started a blog and plan to put all your emails (and ours to you) on it.  We really enjoyed the pictures.  Feel free to send a short video or two too.  :)  We are going to set up an online picture site and I think you will be able to directly import your pictures to the site.  That would be easier than doing the email thing and having to attach them all in multiple emails.  I will try to get that done tonight and send you the password/instructions in another email.

Not much to update you on here.  It was a pretty regular week.  I am flying over Texas right now on the way back to TN.  I decided to use some frequent flier points on Brad, Gabe, Josh.  The four of us are going to California in 2 weeks and will go deep sea fishing.  We will send you some pictures if we catch anything good.  Should be fun.  We head back  to TN in about a month.  I am going to drive a Uhaul truck back with the twins and the dogs then fly back and drive everyone back in the red van with the trailer.  I will be glad the traveling will be over but in some ways I will miss the flying.  I do enjoy seeing the world from above.

We have sent a bunch of letters/post cards.  Not sure if you have gotten them yet.  Let us know.  I have dated everything.  It will be interesting to hear how long it takes for you to really get everything.  I sent a ton of stamps last week too.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Love ya Elder!


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