Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mom letter to Ryan 5/13/2013

My Dear Ryan,
How proud I am of you!  What a precious letter/email for Mother's day.  You had me in tears. I am so glad you are growing in the gospel and becoming a leader in the mission. 
Cherish your time because it will pass by quicker than you think.  Laura was so excited to come running from the mailbox with the first actual letter from you, thanks for doing that, it meant so much to her. 
So what would be your advice to Brad for next year?  Do you think he should stay here?  It is hard to have another kid leave the nest.
Emily's AHS soccer team came in 2nd in State, although that is out of three teams, haha!
Andrew's baseball team stinks this year, no fun.
Natalie is loving gymnastics.
Laura had her birthday party at the rollerskating rink, she loved it.  She was flying out there with her cast on. Did we tell you she broke her wrist again, this is the third time.  It doesn't slow her down at all.
Nathan and Preston are glad it is warming up outside and jump on the tramp all the time.
Mark is still working on the poop in the potty thing, ughhhhhh
And Tyler is such a strong little guy, he practically does push-ups!
We are starting to get things packed up.  We have a big job ahead of us. 
Leaving here will be hard, but I am ready to be under the same roof with Dad all the time!
Remember we love you, work hard, follow the spirit, and love others.  You are awesome and Heavenly Father loves you, always remember that!
Love Always,

Reply from Ryan 5/14/2013

 Hey Mom,

I'm glad it meant alot to you :) I am definitely enjoying the time I've been here. Pero...the last 4 days here I've been really sick with the Nova Virus. Pretty much been banished to my room with the two other elders that were sick with it to. Oh well, I feel good now. I'm glad Laura got the letter! I finally got my letters from you guys yesterday. Definitely brought a smile to my face.
Brad- If Brad truly wants to stay out there I think that is what's best. He has good friends and will succed more in basketball and will gain a better testimony. I know it will be hard but if I were in his position I'd do the hard thing and stay out there so I'd get the best experience. Not that living with you guys wouldn't be a good experience, just that he would have more opportunities in Utah.
Emily- Ah no way! That's too bad she didn't win state, she could have had the advantage of bragging about be a state champ. Oh well. :)
Andrew- Yeah I know, at least he plays well. Civitan baseball will be good for him when he gets back to TN
Natalie- That girl is crazy flexible, I'm sure she'll be doing flips all over the place by the time I get back.
Laura- She broke her wrist again!?! No fun! :( hope she gets better soon. I'm sure she loved rollerskating, good birthday party.
Twins- They're gonna change aton while I'm out here. Been thinking about them alot lately.
Mark- He'll get there. Patience is key! I'm definitely learning that out here. My companion is...ughhhh.... :)
Tyler- That kid is gonna be a big dude when he is older, probably a football playerat some point.
I hope you guys have a safe trip back to TN. I know it will be hard leaving all of your great friends in Utah. But I know that Heavenly Father will bless you guys for following his promptings and keep you safe through your travels.
I love you guys too! Thanks!
Elder Neuhaus

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