Monday, June 3, 2013

May 28 letter from mom

Dear Ryan, 
We hope you have had a good week. You seem to be enjoying the mission. The 
pictures were great. Our Internet is still down. The Comcast guy comes today. I 
will send pictures when we get it up and going. 
Brad is still working hard on the basketball court. The boys had a good time on 
their fishing trip, but Brad only caught one fish!
Emily's friends are throwing her a surprise good-bye party. It should be fun. 
Andrew is almost a life scout. He is going to scout camp out here in Utah. He is 
looking forward to BYU basketball camp.  
Natalie is getting tall. 
Laura is interviewed and ready for her baptism on Saturday. The girls and I are 
taking a quick trip to San Francisco this week to see where we used to live. 
Nathan can really hit a baseball
Preston loves to ride his bike. 
Mark turned three on the 25th. He is growing up. 
Tyler is already walking around the furniture!  He totally reminds me of you. 
You walked at nine months. He is now 8 months. 
Stay healthy. Neil has to have knee surgery out on the mission. His mom is 
having a hard time. 
President and Sister McKee of the Nashville mission are being sent home a year 
early due to her heart attack and stroke.  She has improved. But I think still 
has challenges. 
Angie McKee came out for graduation, she did distance Ed. 
I know you are where you need to be right now. Enjoy the experience. We love 
Love Always,

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